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Symbols and Inscriptions from the Old North Cemetery L-104

Symbols and Inscriptions from the Old North Cemetery





Location: Instructor:
  • Beth Payne

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


The Old North Cemetery in North Guilford is the oldest cemetery in town, with the earliest stone dated January 26, 1730. Using the North Guilford Dudley family as examples, this presentation will discuss the symbolism, iconography, and inscriptions engraved on the gravestones of those family members from Dudleyville, home of The Dudley Farm Museum, from the end of the 17th- century through the late-20th century.

Instructor bio: Beth Payne is the Museum Director at The Dudley Farm Museum in North Guilford. She has presented programs not only at the Museum, but also at local libraries.


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