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Pressure Cooking Success V-222

Pressure Cooking Success





Location: Instructor:
  • Virginia Baltay

Meeting Times

  • Tuesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Discover the wonders of pressure cooking! Learn safety and timing!  Decide which cooker is best for you: a digital Instant Pot or a classic Stove Top Presto.  Prepare healthy soups, veggies, and entrees in minutes.  Registrants will receive the recipes with the list of ingredients prior to the on-line class. The participants can practice the recipes before or after the lesson in their own kitchens and ask questions during the session. This spirited on-line session will stimulate a love of pressure cooking. Registrants can look forward to instruction, coaching, recipes and lots of Q&A. 

This class will be offered virtually and will NOT meet in-person. Technical assistance is available for those who need it. Email Cara MacDonald at cmacdonald@branfordschools.org for more information.

About Virginia Baltay

The instructor, Virginia Baltay, retired Science Teacher at Walsh Intermediate School and elsewhere, is a pressure cooking fanatic. She relishes the opportunity to teach an adult enrichment class on her beloved topic: The Pressure Cooker. Over the past fifty years Virginia, who has created more than 15,000 pressure cooked meals, will share her know-how with the participants.  Cooking for her large family and entertaining vast numbers of friends and family has given her infinite opportunities to refine her pressure cooking skills. Efficient, "green" and safe cooking with both digital Instant Pots and classic stovetop Prestos  will fascinate and change a cook’s thoughts about meal prep forever.  The session will follow recipes from Virginia’s new revised book, A Steamy Affair with a Pressure Cooker, Part 2 published by McNaughton & Gunn Spring 2022 and available at Breakwater Books, Guilford CT and on-line www.pressurecookeraffair.com.


  • Class Fee $20.00
Total: $20.00

Note: Class has been CANCELED