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Farming in 19th Century Guilford L-103

Farming in 19th Century Guilford





Location: Instructor:
  • Beth Payne

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


“Nature out of her boundless store threw rocks together and did no more." So said Isaac Stiles, a 19th century Connecticut minister, about Connecticut’s landscape. Farming in southern Connecticut was full of rocks, poor land, and limited resources. So how did they survive? This presentation looks at The Dudley Farm in North Guilford, and includes the impact of religion, education, and innovation,  the cornerstones to the farm’s success.

Instructor bio: Beth Payne is the Museum Director at The Dudley Farm Museum in North Guilford. She has presented programs not only at the Museum, but also at local libraries.


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