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The Significance of Our Lives as Older Women L-107

The Significance of Our Lives as Older Women





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  • Ginny Bales

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  • Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


"Old woman."  "Elderly woman."  "Granny."  "Elder."  Notice how your body feels when you read those words.  Do you think of yourself as an elder woman? What do you think is typical of a woman of your decade?  Do you yourself fit that stereotype? We older women are natural networkers.  We have spent decades working on behalf of our loved ones and all of life, when you consider our plants, animals, and institutions. We have tremendous knowledge and deeply-needed perspectives about how to accomplish things and about life in general. We are resources for each other and for our communities. 

Examples from our families, our neighbors the Mohegan Indians, from Indigenous women leaders in Australia, from breast cancer survivors, and from women in religious, cultural, and arts organizations help us to recognize and appreciate the power of our connections with each other. This means you! If it sounds like this is all directed at "other kinds of women, not women like me,"  consider that it may be just right for a woman exactly like you. Join us for a reminder of what is actually true about your own significance and potential. 

Ginny Bales has taught psychology at Yale, Southern CT State University, and the College of New Rochelle, and has helped make water exercise fun at the YMCA in Branford for the past 11 years. She's now bringing these same skills to the issue of our climate, knowing that when people feel connected to each other and personally empowered, we can face scary and seemingly unmanageable issues and take constructive action.


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