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Intro To Hoop Dance Fitness HOOP1

Intro To Hoop Dance Fitness




10/6/2022 to 11/3/2022

Location: Instructor:
  • Stephanie Brown

Meeting Times

  • Thursday 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM


Hoop dance and fitness workshop for your body, mind, and soul. Who said adults had to stop playing? Where can you let your inner child run free? When can you dance your heart out?  Why shouldn’t your workouts be fun? Hoop dance is a great way to bring some playful, creative expression back into your life, while improving your coordination, relieving stress, and boosting your mood. There’s nothing like throwing on some good tunes and losing yourself in the music. Not to mention, the cardio benefits of burning up to 7 calories per minute and the surprise mental health perks, it’s no wonder so many people are picking up the hoop and are rediscovering their joy inside these circles! No experience necessary, all hoops provided and sanitized between classes. Feel free to bring your own! Please wear comfortable but close-fitting cotton clothing (i.e. yoga pants/leggings, t-shirts, tank tops, etc), supportive footwear, and a smile! Bring a bottle of water and your mask.


  • Class Fee $80.00
Total: $80.00

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