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Branford Beginnings LECTURE2

Branford Beginnings





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  • Joseph Naylor

Meeting Times

  • Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


The lecture traces the origins of the town of Branford, from the point of view of one of Joe Naylor's ancestors.  This ancestor was the leader of a group of settlers who founded Branford in 1644.  The lecture begins in England in the early 1600's when persecution of the Puritans led to the Great Migration of 20,000 Puritans to the Massachusetts Bay Colony.  It then speaks of how the English Civil War and the New England Indian wars directly and indirectly affected the founding and development of the town of Branford Connecticut.

Joe was born in Washington D.C.  After college he pursued a brief acting career in New York City. He had a sister in New Haven whom he visited as often as he could and there he met his wife Barbara. They moved to Branford in 1982, and shortly thereafter he inherited a book of his family history. In reading this book he was amazed to discover that he had an ancestor named Elizabeth Swayne who was born in Branford in 1646. This led him to a fascination with Branford history. He has been a member and then board member of the Branford Historical Society ever since. Now retired, he had a career with SNET/ATT as an IT manager.


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