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Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness LECTURE1

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness





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  • Jim Powers

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  • Wednesday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Rising sea levels swamping low lying coastal regions, dramatically warming temperatures bringing about a radical transformation of the ecology and biodiversity of the environment through mass extinctions of faunal and floral life. Although this is a forecast for the near future of our planet, by looking to the past we can learn from the Indigenous people of Southern New England who over 14,000 years experienced dramatic climatic and environmental disruptions and changes. They not only survived, but thrived and their ability to adapt was the key to their survival. Their adaptability was due in large part to their relationship with and perception of everything within their environment.

Can it be the same for us? Indigenous success was predicated upon how they related to and perceived every single living and non-animate element they shared the planet with. They deeply understood that we and all creation are part of an interconnected web of energy and consciousness. Consequently they lived with a sense of gratitude in reciprocity, honoring their interdependence with the Living Earth. Indigenous people still acknowledge their very survival is dependent upon all of nature and elements within the environment, their “family”. In contrast, our culture has embraced the belief that we are, as the pinnacle of evolution, separate from and above nature. This has driven us to dominate and exploit everything on Earth to satisfy our overconsumption, in the process destroying much of the planet and threatening all life. We are now facing an ecological and environmental disaster from which there seems no escape.

There is a way forward however, to save ourselves and the rest of life on the planet. By embracing the perception and consciousness that has sustained Indigenous people and our ancestors for thousands of years, we can begin to heal our relationship with the Living Earth and create a world where all life can continue sustainably in balance and harmony. It is time to listen to the voices of wisdom from our collective past before it is too late. This is the message of Ancient Wisdom, Modern Hope; Relearning Environmental Connectiveness.

Jim Powers is a local historian, author, and retired Guilford High School teacher.


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